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Who was Paul Cezanne?

This known painter was born on January 19, 1839 in Aix-en-Provence. When he was 13 Cezanne attended College in Aix. His wife that he met in college encouraged him to go and paint in Paris while she was studying. His father, however, wasn't pleased with the fact of his son becomming an artist. Therefore, he was always sceptical about telling his father. Finally, he told him. He wasn't happy at all about it. But soon after a while his father agreed for him to actually move and live in Paris and supply him with money monthly if needed. Cezanne went to Paris and only stayed there for 6 months. He returned to his father and was very dissappointed. Even though his father was incredibly happy that he was home, he urged Cezanne not to give up on art and to keep trying. He took his father's advice and went back to Paris, only to fail the entrance exam to the art school. After that dissapointment, he decided to go his own way. He met a man named Eduardo Manet. Manet accompanied Cezanne because he was so fascinated with Cezannes unique paintings. From practicing so much over and over he became so succesful and accomplished his goals, and became one of the best painters. Until this day he has been known for his landscapes paintings and the colors and texture he used. So many people appreciated his work and it had been in the French Capital for years. However, as years went by, his paintings and artwork started to slowly decrease because of his health and him ageing. He had past away on October 22, 1906. Today his art is remembered and known as a enormous importance to our modern art. Major artists such as Pablo Picasso have also looked up to Cezanne and his artwork.


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