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Who was Vincent van Gogh?



Vincent van Gogh was born in Groot Zundert, in the Netherlands on March 30 1853. He attended a boarding school in Zevenbergen for two years and then went to another school. He stopped studying at the age of 15 and never went back to school. However, his little brother was working with an art dealer that had major influence on Vincent as to become an artist. Vincent just one day decided to visit London for about two years. Over there he decided to visit the art galleries and museums. All of those painting and illustrations advised van Gogh in actually becoming as an artist as a career later on in his life. Finally after a long perod of time trying to decide what he wanted tio do with his life, one day he decided to draw. During the pivotal time that Vincent had decioded finaly as a final career to be an artist. It was the autumm of 1880 he left to go study for art. He began with his brother in the artistic career and even got some financial help from him. Vincent was painting well and making business and money. His career went by well but towards the end there started to come down some bumpy roads. and things weren't going the way he wanted them anymore and started becoming very sad with his life. He went outside one day with all of his painting supplies and shot himself with a shot gun. However, he didnt die and his brother his best friend showed up and told him that they are going to try to get him better, but in Dutch Vincent said, "no I wish to dies like this!" Vincent van Gogh had past away that same night he shot himself at 1:30 am on 29 July 1890. He had commited suicide. His work is remembered and his style of art is still used.


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